[tg_accordion title=”What is the California Wine Fair?” icon=”” close=”0″]The California Wine Fair is an all-inclusive, walk around wine tasting event where wine lovers have an elite opportunity to sample wines and meet numerous vintners and winery personalities from the Golden State. Upon entrance, participants gain full access to try an incredible selection of California wine at the various stations throughout the room.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Where and when does the event take place?” icon=”” close=”1″]The California Wine Fair is a multi-city tour that takes place in March/April every year in some of Canada’s major urban markets. Please check out the schedule page for locations, dates & times.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”What is the age requirement to attend the California Wine Fair?” icon=”” close=”1″]This is a 19+ event. (Ottawa, Toronto)
This is a 18+ event (Québec, Alberta)[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”How many wineries will be there?” icon=”” close=”1″]Over 100 wineries signed up this year, however attendance is different in each city. Please check out our Participating Wineries page to see which wineries will be at the event nearest you![/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”What does my ticket include?” icon=”” close=”1″]Your ticket includes admission, access to all wines being poured and light hors d’oeuvres.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Can I get tickets at the door?” icon=”” close=”1″]Since tickets are limited and some events may be sold out, we strongly recommend that tickets be purchased in advance.[/tg_accordion]


[tg_accordion title=”Do I have to print my ticket to use it?” icon=”” close=”1″]When you purchase a ticket online you will be emailed a downloadable ticket. This ticket can either be printed or scanned from your phone.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Will there be food?” icon=”” close=”1″]Yes, there will be light hors d’oeuvres including cheese platters and other tasty nibbles. However, we do recommend eating before you come.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Do I have to know a lot about wine to attend?” icon=”” close=”1″]NO, not at all! This event provides you with a great opportunity to learn and educate yourself about the wines from California. Everyone is welcome, from novices to wine connoisseurs. The environment is fun, lively and inclusive to all wine lovers of any level.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”What is the dress code?” icon=”” close=”1″]We want everyone to be comfortable at our event and encourage business casual. We do ask that you do not put on heavy perfumes and colognes as they can overpower the smell of the wine.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Should I swallow or spit wine at a wine tasting event? Is it considered vulgar to spit the wine out? Will the vintner or agent be offended if I spit out their wine?” icon=”” close=”1″]It is completely acceptable, and not considered vulgar or offensive at all, to spit a wine out into a spittoon if you’re trying to moderate your alcohol intake. Agents and winery representatives completely understand that you can’t possibly consume all the wines you encounter at a tasting.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Large walk-around tastings can be very overwhelming in terms of the sheer quantity of wines on offer. Is there any insider advice on how to strategically tackle a large wine tasting?” icon=”” close=”1″]You definitely can’t taste everything at a wine tasting event, so having a plan of attack is crucial. Try dividing the tasting by type or style of wine and only taste wines that fit into that category. This will help edit your selection considerably.

For instance, only taste white wines, or only taste red wines. To refine the selection even further, taste only Pinot Noirs, or taste only Cabernet Sauvignons. Not only will this help control the quantity of wines you’ll be tasting, but you’ll also get a great education on the various styles of wine that can be made from a single grape.[/tg_accordion]